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(Meister Eckhart)

You were born perhaps in the small village of Tambach in Thüring. Your parents were maybe farmers, but we can not know this with absolute certainty any more. In the days of your youth you joined the ordain of  Ordo Praedicatorum  ie. the Dominican Order in Erfurt. Later on you were chosen as prior in the Dominican Order. Your early latin dissertations emphasize the role of giving away of one's own selfish craving in the spiritual path, uninterestedness for the benefit of the God  Almighty. Soon you moved away, you first started to study the sentences in Cologne, then you visited Strassburg and finally you ended up to teach theology in the university of Paris.

In Paris you found the blind spot of the learned scholastics and their Aristotelian sentences: Outside the official church there was a group of  poor women, who worshipped Jesus of Nazareth and made various kinds of acts of charity in the name of the Lord together with fact that they wrote with their quill pens very beautifully about the love of God. The Official Catholic Church convicted this movement of the poor women called as the Beguins as heretic , but never the less you drank spiritual milk from this source.  So, in those days also your own spiritual findings started to get more depth and strength.

When the God is mocked,
              in reality He is praised.

of all I know is
              to abandon the God
                      for the sake of the God.

The aspects of the Trinity laugh to each others:
The Father laughs to the Son,
             the Son laughs to the Father
and the Holy Spirit
             laughs both to the Father and the Son.

All this was much too radical for the official Catholic Church. The Dominican Inquisition condemned strictly your writing in the year 1329, but then it was all too late. None noticed any more that you were only that cheerful chap, who lived always in the eternal present moment. You had found the essence of religion in the paradoxes, but you were quite a paradox also by yourself: The fellow dressed in black robe, who brought humour to the preaching profession.

You never tried to raise yourself over the divine paradoxes , which you had found. On the contrary: You always remained as God-fearing and respectful for His community, the Church. Even to the bitter end. You were never arrogant or superficial, but those days were grim. From the exile of  Avignon the pope struggled for power with the emperor of the Holy German-Roman Empire, year of famine followed one another and also the Black Death had already rose it's scythe over the Europe. So, it's now easy to understand  now why they - the people of your own time - didn't have your strength and your ability to laugh with the divine paradoxes.
Prose-poem in section "Letters of contemplation".
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October 27, 2012
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