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i fear you

and i love you


you have created the beauty and the life
as well as the misery and death
as adversaries and counterpoints
to your cosmic composition
according to your secret wisdom
you saw everything already
when it was only in germ
in the shining darkness
and before the world was born
even before the beginning
of all you were here  

in the beginning of time on the face of the darkness
        shivered the inkling of the breath of your name
             of which bright sparkle the world was given to born  
according to your divine and foreknowing will

according to your magnificent wisdom
you have send us the purple dawns and dusks
the armies of the stars of the night sky
which twinkle during the long winter nights
together with the moon and the cherry blossoms
of the spring and the multicoloured summer flowers
of various kinds and the shining colours of autumn
leaves and the rainbow to the pleasure of our eyes  

you have send us the rains and the sun shines
          together with the sparkling moments of creativity
                      and the famine of the long dry seasons
you are the lord of life and death
                               there is none like you

the look of your eyes
makes the trees and plants
      flourish and wither
you know their secrets and seasons
and every vertebra and every tendon
of every animal you know by heart
and to every animal heart you planted
will to live -  you saw beforehand
even the inkling of the animal instinct

the secrets of the human heart
are for you like and open book
the keys of your throne open the doors
   of the selfhood of human beings
in a way which no human can ever shut from you 
                           truly nothing is impossible for you
   or kept as a secret from you  

you see the bright darkness of the sunshine of the spring
the most fathomless darkness is for you like the brightest day
you are the bright darkness himself - the dark brightness
the secrets follow one another in the steps of your path  

      you know me completely
                      even the most tiniest fibre of my hair
      you have divided and classified in your mind
to more parts than the multitude of stars on the bright night sky

      you are almighty lord sebaot
compared to your brightness i am nothing
      just a raindrop on the surface
of  the overwhelming ocean of your wisdom
      you have crushed my pride completely
have mercy upon me o lord
the brightness of a mirror
the light is reflected from the light
the inner essence of the human being is






i see a huge crowd of people
all wearing shining white clothes

they are smiling and laughing
singing and dancing

the god is near to us
he speaks here with clear
words and sentences

love is
in all the thoughts
          and the words
       and the acts
          of these people

t h e r e  i s   n o   m o r e   g r i e v i n g

no more remorse

      no more anxiety
when the night takes its step to the kingdom of shadows
then there is liveliness between the told and the untold

then the poet has eyes seventy
times seventy or maybe even more

within all these eyes the poet has fiery look like seraphs
and equal amount of wings in mouth like cherubs

under the poets tongue is a key which opens and closes
everything on the border of the seen and the unseen

but don’t delude yourself because in reality even one eye
or hand or instinct is enough for a human being

to make bright from the darkness of this world
if it only looks within  -  because look

the kingdom of god is within you and it can not be taken away from you
by angels or thrones or principalities or dominions or powers
i play chess with the grim reaper
sorrow plays the violin in my soul

poverty tightens my belt
illness hits me with abscess

old age crushes my knees
my enemies mockery strikes my heart

                         in the valley of the shadow of death
                    i journey and the stream of tears

             flow on my cheeks but you o lord
         you lead me and I dwell near you

    you give my soul refreshment
and my body a rest
the sower
  sows the
tiniest of all
  seeds and this
seed becomes
  the greatest
of all trees
  the name of
the tree is

kingdom grows
vast and huge
and soon it is
all over
the world
thousands of
already know
the kingdom

you can
  not say
any more
  if the
  is around
you or
  within you

in everywhere
in this world
there is miracles
like this one
only you have to
wash your eyes
and you will be
able to see clearly
"Do not contempt misery and poverty, because they are the wings of the prayer. "

-Euagrius of Pontos, one of the mystic writers of the Philokalia.


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